Top 13 Platforms for Showcasing Student Art and Writing Online


In a world increasingly shaped by visual and written media, the importance of encouraging artistic and literary expression among younger generations can hardly be overstated. With the explosion of digital platforms, there now exists a multitude of phenomenal venues through which students can display their creative works. This article sets out to explore a selection of noteworthy outlets where youthful creators can share their talents with a broader audience.

Online Portfolios and Galleries

Digital Exhibition Spaces

The internet has revolutionized the way we circulate artwork and literature, offering platforms for students to create virtual portfolios of their oeuvre. Here are a few standouts:

  • DeviantArt: A massive online community where young artists can display and sell their creations, receive feedback, and connect with peers and mentors.
  • Behance: Aimed at a slightly older demographic, this Adobe-run site enables students to showcase and discover creative work professionally.
  • Dribbble: Perfect for students with a knack for design and illustration, Dribbble offers a show-and-tell platform for emerging creatives.

Educational Initiatives Advancing the Arts

Avenues for Learning and Recognition

Several educational organizations are dedicated to nurturing student artistry and writing. These institutions often host contests and publications specifically for young talent:

  • Scholastic Art & Writing Awards: One of the most esteemed platforms, this program has been recognizing exceptional student art and literature since 1923.
  • National YoungArts Foundation: Offering grants, mentorship, and opportunities for high school students to exhibit their work nationally.
  • Young Writers Program by NaNoWriMo: Supporting the novelists of tomorrow, this organization emphasizes the educational aspect of creative writing.

Print and Online Publications

Reaching Audiences Far and Wide

An array of literary magazines and art journals are open to submissions from high school and college students, propelling emerging authors and artists into the public eye:

  • Canvas Teen Literary Journal: Managed entirely by teenagers, Canvas offers a platform exclusive to writers and artists aged 13 to 18.
  • The Adroit Journal: Accepting both poetry and prose, The Adroit Journal is a great place for young writers looking for serious recognition.
  • The Apprentice Writer: Sponsored by Susquehanna University, this publication showcases the writing of high school students from Mid-Atlantic states.

Cultivating Creativity through Competitions

Challenging and Motivating Young Minds

Competitions can serve as powerful motivators for students to polish their skills. By entering these contests, students not only get the opportunity to win prizes but also the chance to have their work seen by a wider audience:

  • Poetry Out Loud: A national poetry recitation competition that encourages young people to learn about great poetry.
  • The Congressional Art Competition: An annual event where students submit artwork to their congressional representatives, with winners displayed at the U.S. Capitol.
  • VSA Emerging Young Artists Program: Recognizing the work of young artists with disabilities, this competition offers significant exposure and career advancement opportunities.

Interactive Community Projects

Engaging with Wider Creative Circles

Participating in community-based projects can enable students to engage with their local and international communities in meaningful ways, thereby expanding their understanding and appreciation for different cultures and viewpoints:

  • 1000 Words Project: A global initiative inviting students to submit photos and essays, fostering cross-cultural communication and storytelling.
  • Teen Ink: Offering a platform for teenagers to submit works ranging from fiction and non-fiction to art and photos, with selected pieces printed in a monthly magazine.
  • Artsonia: The world’s largest collection of student art portfolios, allowing kids to share their work online while engaging with a community of young artists internationally.
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The platforms highlighted here represent only a fraction of the available options for young creatives to disseminate their work. However, they are some of the most impactful and influential, providing the tools for student writers and artists to build a presence in the larger artistic and literary communities. Each outlet offers a unique set of benefits, and students are encouraged to pursue those that align best with their personal goals and styles. Ultimately, by showcasing their talents and hard work, students gain not just visibility, but also confidence and a sense of accomplishment that comes from contributing to the rich tapestry of human expression.